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Cook Book (n.p., n.d.)

Recipes for the Bride (n.p., n.d.)





Cook Book Issued by Jackson Council Daughters Confederate Veterans (Jackson, 1951 (1911))

The Crystal Cookbook (Crystal Springs, 1947)

The Dinah (McComb, 1963)

Natchez Recipes (Natchez, c. 1900s)

The Way We Cook at St. Luke's (Jackson, 1954)





Coahoma Cooking (Coahoma, 1952)

Cook Book: Tchula Garden Club (Tchula, 1958)

Proof of the Pudding (Shelby, n.d.)

Tunica County Tasty Treats (Tunica County, 1953)



Gulf Coast


Favorite Recipes of Forrest County Home Economics Alumnae (Hattiesburg, 1962)

Gourmet Recipes (Biloxi, n.d.)

Home Cooking Secrets (Ocean Springs, n.d.)

Laurel Cook Book (Laurel/Montclair Heights, NJ, 1914)

Lydian Cook Book (Hattiesburg, 1947)

Straight from the Galley (Waveland, c. 1952)

Tried and True Cook Book (Gulfport, 1906)





A Book of Favorite Recipes (Coffeeville, c. 1961)

Cook Book: A Few Tried and Trusted Recipes (Calhoun City, 1961)

St. Andrew's Methodist Cook Book (Oxford, 1963)




Forest Cook Book (Forest, 1953)


Mississippi Community Cookbooks

Do you have a Mississippi community cookbook that we don't? If you'd like to donate to our collection, please click here. We'd appreciate it.  Our regional index is based on the state of Mississippi's regional maps.  See, for example, the state's Tourism Regional Map.



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